Getting Started In Social Media: Create A New Email Address

Posted in Social Media by diptoe on May 20, 2010

Ok, about one hour left to meet today’s Five Minute Blog Challenge! Today’s topic: getting started in social media. So, you’ve done your research, and you’re ready to get your hands dirty. Where to start? Opinions differ, but here’s what I did.

Step One: Create a new e-mail address.

This is straight out of Lee Aase’s 12-Step Social Media Program. I originally skipped this step, regretted it later, and had to go back and do it over. Lesson learned: listen to the Chancellor. You can get an e-mail address for free from Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo. You will use this to create profiles and accounts.


1. If you’re doing this on a personal basis…

…see Lee Aase’s 12-step program, step 7. Basically it’s not a good idea to use your work e-mail for personal endeavors.

2. If you’re doing this for your business…

…then definitely create a dedicated address. Employees don’t stay in the same position very long these days, and it’s easier to maintain control over one e-mail address. The last thing you want to happen is your employee using their personal address and Facebook account to create your Facebook page. As of this writing, whoever creates the Facebook page can never be removed as admin. Ever.

3. Filtering your updates and notifications is easier.

My personal e-mail address is already cluttered with notifications. A dedicated social media address puts all of those notifications in one place. If you don’t like having a separate address to check, use mail forwarding and filters to sort your inbox into categories. Having one address to filter is way easier than applying a filter to every new social media account you get.

4. You can give it out with less fear of people hounding you at your personal address.

This is less effective if you forward all your mail. But you can still use filters to ignore it until you’re good and ready to read it.

It’s been 45 minutes since I started writing this. I’m at least 3x past my goal of a 15-minute max. Oh well. I’ll do better tomorrow. At this rate I’ll be lucky to run a plagiarism and fact check and then post this before my time’s up. Comment below if there’s anything I should add to this that I missed.

Update: This post was originally titled, “Five-Minute Blog Challenge, Post One.”

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