Why Use Google Chrome?

Posted in General by diptoe on June 9, 2010

Why use Google Chrome? Easy.

1. The integrated search box and address bar.
This is my favorite feature. It eliminates the separate search box and incorporates it into the address bar. This means no more hopping back and forth – just type the website or search query into the box and hit enter.

2. Chrome remembers where you like to go.
So if you go to BPGlobalPR on Twitter a lot, whenever you type in “BP” in the address/search bar “twitter.com/BPglobalPR” will be one of your top suggestions.

3. It’s really stinkin’ fast.
My understanding is that it pre-loads the web page before you even hit enter. All I know is that Google Wave works faster on Chrome than on any other browser I’ve tried.

These are my reasons for using Chrome. What are yours? let me know in the comments.

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