Testing a Video Post

Posted in General by diptoe on June 14, 2010

Last week I experimented with a minoHD Flipcam. My goals were to (1) test the audio quality and ease of use, (2) complete Blogging 130 from Lee Aase’s SMUG curriculum, and (3) have something I could use to experiment with embedding videos on my blog. I did a few takes before settling on this one. It’s not perfect (for example, a video production guy once told me to not use hand motions during a taping like I did at 0:13 seconds), but it works.

As for the FlipCam, audio quality is good. If I sat more than 5 or so feet away the audio became noticeably quieter. It also picks up background noise fairly well. It would be nice to have a a plugin for an external mic. Importing, cutting, and uploading the video using FlipShare’s program was very easy. It is no comparison to a true video editor, but a test export to one of those programs was no trouble at all.

As noted in the video, I used a tripod and level to set up the shot. What are your thoughts on using a tripod and/or professional set up versus doing a shakycam video? Is one more “personal” than the other? I’d appreciate your feedback.

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