Where is the line on professionalism?

Posted in Self Improvement, Social Media by diptoe on December 17, 2010

Where do you draw the line between your professional identity and your personal one?

Recently, a leader of a worldwide social media organization took his personal Facebook profile private, saying that he wanted to reserve that space for people he actually knew in real life. He then started a fan page on Facebook for friends he has yet to meet personally. His only other option was to manage complicated friend lists. Meanwhile, another worldwide leader in the social media field continues to add friends to his personal Facebook account.

On Twitter, one respected professional tweets only professional content – no personal tweets are posted beyond the occasional follower interaction. Yet another respected professional tweets out their rants, ravings, LOLs, location, and what they had for breakfast along with relevant and valuable content.

Which method is better? Should a person maintain a professional identity or should you be free to be yourself online? Does who you work for affect that decision? Do you have separate professional and personal identities or are they one and the same for you?


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  1. Edward said, on January 9, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    I find it hard to balance a blend as well, for my work stories tend to sometimes need to be kept friends only (Facebook wise) due to details or other thoughts on a given happening, versus my tweet feed which is more of an escape and to real-time interact.

    Blogging fits somewhere in the middle. Probably about finding that happy medium, I guess.

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